Boston Snow Stats

Curious about the City of Boston's snow removal operations? Whether the forecast calls for 4 inches or four feet, Snow Stats uses GPS and Public Works application data to provide residents an at-a-glance view of the City's snow removal operations.

Updates about snow emergencies, parking bans, and school closings are available at

Take a Peek at Plowing

Get a bird's-eye view of the City's snow response and deployed removal equipment or zoom for a snapshot of where snow removal has taken place in your neighborhood recently.

Learn how the Public Works Department plans our city-wide snow response.

Snow Operations

Over 700 pieces of snow removal equipment can be deployed to clear Boston's 850 miles of roadways. Get a glimpse of our current active equipment below.

If you're tackling your sidewalks and driveways, get some tips on clearing snow at home.

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  • Specialty Vehicles 0

Recent Snow Fall

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